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The system equipped with 8 cores and clocked at 2.7 GHz will of course not threaten either AMD or Intel, but it is certainly a curiosity that is worth mentioning. What's more, it will be sold as a whole set, because the processor is soldered on the motherboard, on which we will also find a 16x PCIe slot, two slots for DDR4-3200 memory (SO-DIMM), M.2 slot and a number of ports. KaiXian KX-6780A also has an integrated graphics system, probably created by the once known company S3, but nothing is known about its performance.

On video presenting this solution, there are also results of performance tests that do not look so bad, but show that there is still a long way to go before Zhaoxin. In Cinebench R15 it achieved a result of 845 points, which is similar to the Core i7-6700 equipped with 4 cores and HyperThreading technology, which is however clocked above. In FritzChess Benchmark the result is 20.66, which is more at the Core i5-6500 level, which has only 4 cores without HT. The system is reportedly produced by TSMC in 16 nm lithography.

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China wants to become independent of the Americans

In recent months, the Chinese have had to realize for good that they cannot rely on American technologies. Huawei openly says that it does not intend to go back to using Google solutions and will focus on developing its own. In the world of servers, it is similar, I wrote about 1.5 years ago about how AMD cooperates with a Chinese company on server processors (they had to withdraw from this agreement some time ago). Now it's time for desktops, which may not be as popular as smartphones, but still used. Zhaoxin will certainly not stop and will continue to develop its products. It may never catch up with those from the west, but in the Middle Kingdom certainly there is no shortage of consumers who decide to buy these systems.

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