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The title Watchmen may be associated primarily with the 2009 film, for which Zack Snyder was responsible. The director managed to transfer the story from the comic cards to the big screen in such a way that fans did not have much reason to complain about this filming. How will it be with the HBO series? It was mainly created by Damon Lindelof, who can be associated with the hit of the ABC station titled Lost – Lost. The announcements were really intriguing, because he did not intend to translate the story as faithfully as possible, but was inspired by the comic to create a modern version. And in terms of implementation and feature. I liked this approach because it allows creators more freedom, and this often translates into more engaging production.

Watchmen – a series based on comics far from comics

And this is without doubt Watchmen from the very beginning. The first dozen or so minutes of the opening episode focuses on the violent events in the city of Tulsa, where riots broke out. Bands of white people invaded and murdered black people of Oklahoma just because they felt entitled to do so. Then we also meet our main characters who will later put on masks and become policemen. The realities in which they revolve do not allow them to be an open guardian of the law.

Hiding their identity is necessary, while some of them do it even twice, because they play more than two roles in society. Possession cover in the form of a classic family life is even required, so in the event of unpleasant events, no one in the environment will know what the real reasons for the loss of health or life were. At the core of the series are racism issues all the time, but there are many references to many other civilizing challenges. This is a world where the Internet and mobile phones do not exist, and the terrorist group the Seventh Cavalry (Seventh Cavalry) are the most die-hard opponents of a law that provides freedom from paying taxes to victims and descendants of racial slavery.

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How much is Watchmen in Watchmen?

The series did not lack key and most famous characters, such as Doctor Manhattan, Silk Specter, Rorschach or Comedian, but they are not its key heroes. The center of events are Angela Abar (Regina King), Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) and Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson). The best of all three are Regina, who in each of her scenes blends incredibly reliably into the created world, giving us the illusion of how close this reality is to ours. Every day, she pretends to be a housewife, dealing with baking, and as one of the few policemen she decided to reach for a special costume that is supposed to intimidate bad people. Observing her while performing her duties is a pure pleasure, although I use this phrase quite strangely, considering the type of cases and perpetrators involved.

In terms of implementation, Watchmen is the highest shelf. Sophisticated small costumes or neatly planned shots make the screening of the next episodes a sinking deeper depth of this twisted reality. Mainly because sometimes it is so easy to find references to ours in it. No wonder Lindelof wanted to modernize the history of comics and transfer the action to the realities close to ours – only then does the whole thing work so well on emotions.

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This Watchmen will attract more interest than Westworld

I will not be surprised if Watchmen prove to be a production with more influence and importance than Westworld. I don't think Westworld is able to jump to the Game of Thrones level anymore, and Watchmen has the chance to provide a gap and provide us with what viewers have missed so far.

The premiere of Watchmen will take place on October 21 in parallel with the American premiere, i.e. at 3.00 in the morning in both HBO and HBO GO.

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