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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in a completely new format

Samsung wants to quickly show the new model to a wider audience. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would be presented in 2020 and this time the Koreans are going to approach the construction differently. First of all, it will be made of flexible glass, whose trade name is UTG (Ultra Thin Glass). Thanks to this, the manufacturer will not have to use plastic and not very effective films, which he has already had the opportunity to test in the first defective series of Galaxy Folds.

In addition, the smartphone will offer a completely different design. This time it will be a foldable smartphone in the style of flip phones. The whole will look similar to what we had the opportunity to see in Motorola Razr and I think that many customers will appreciate such a project. In my opinion, it looks nicer and, in fact, even a smaller work surface after folding the display will be enough for many people.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will boast an 8-inch Super AMOLED screen. For sure, this time we will get a slender device and we can count on the fact that the company will try to quickly introduce it to sales after the premiere. Given that the first installment was quite popular in pre-sale, I expect the second generation will be able to improve this result.

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In addition, we will see flagship components in the new device. The natural choice when it comes to the processor will be the new Exynos 9830/990 or Snapdragon 865, depending on the region, at least 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of built-in memory. The whole will be managed by the new Android 10 with Samsung One UI 2.0 and we should be looking forward to even more functions dedicated to the folding device. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would be available in three colors: white, black and purple.

What will be folded smartphones?

I think the latest premiere of Motorola Razr showed what customers expect. The new model looks great and proves that Moto can still be a style icon. At the same time, the device is not excessively large when unfolded, because it has a screen with a diameter of 6.2 inches and a 21: 9 aspect ratio. I am curious what other players will want to present, especially since the market is slowly developing and there is a chance that you will be able to earn a lot from it. Anyway, there has recently been a Huawei patent application for a smartphone very similar to Motorola Razr.

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Another issue will concern the price. For now, it is difficult to talk about a price opportunity and companies are not particularly concerned about it, because in fact interested persons will buy them anyway. In my opinion, their prices must fall to around $ 799- $ 899 to make them really popular and compete with traditional flagships. It is interesting when Xiaomi or Realme join the game, which will be able to offer much better prices.

source: Pocketnow

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