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Like Hubble, i.e. a new camera in the Samsung Galaxy S11

To start with, we'll start with what appears in the photographic module. Finally, Koreans decided it was time to improve the camera used and definitely wanted to say finally. Everything indicates that the main sensor is to have as much as 108 Mpix and it will be exactly the same matrix that we will see in Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Most likely in flagships it will be combined with a brighter lens and effective optical image stabilization. However, the resolution is not the most important thing.

Namely, the Koreans have recently registered a new trademark in Europe Space Zoom, and the new photo module is codenamed Hubble. This is the best evidence that Samsung is aiming for cosmic image quality. Of course, the equipment not only has to offer a 5x optical zoom, but also the ability to capture the beauty of the night sky, just like Google Pixel 4. It turns out that the company wants to focus especially on this area. Currently, it has become fashionable, and in fact all this interest was initiated by the Huawei P30 Pro with the possibility of zooming the image up to 50 times.

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I am extremely curious how Space Zoom will work in practice. I have huge expectations and I hope that it will allow you to take pictures of distant galaxies easily. Naturally, on a smartphone scale, it's hard to expect that suddenly the phone will be better than full-fledged cameras. In addition, a ToF sensor should appear to detect the depth of the image, which is missing in Note 10+, unfortunately.

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No more funny battery in the Samsung Galaxy S11e

It is impossible to miss the latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S11e. The current generation remains a great choice, which at the same time does not cost too much, but has a serious drawback in the form of a really average battery. Undoubtedly, in this way the manufacturer wanted to cleverly encourage his customers to choose more expensive models. Fortunately, S11e will fix this flaw.

The upcoming model is to offer a battery with a capacity of 3800 – 3900 mAh and due to the 5.8-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution should translate into very good working time. It's great that in the end the cheapest equipment from the trio will not involve any sacrifices.

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In addition, we will again receive a high-end model. All Samsung Galaxy S11 will be able to boast AMOLED displays, efficient Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865 systems, waterproof glass and aluminum housings, fingerprint scanners in screens and advanced face recognition systems. Adding to this a truly new camera module, we get very interesting sounding proposals that will certainly mix up on the market.

The official premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will take place in February or March.

source: Android Headlines. Phone Arena

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