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Facebook will use its position

Recently, Facebook has decided to buy the Spanish company that creates a cloud service, PlayGiga, which is also available in a few countries: Argentina, Chile, Italy and Spain. The latest news indicates that the transaction is based on up to 70 million euros. Buying such a company may indicate that Facebook wants to enter a completely new sector, which basically all major IT players have become interested in.

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It may seem that Facebook has little to do with games. It is enough to look at how many people play titles available from Messenger or those shown on Facebook. In terms of mobile and browser games, Americans can boast of considerable popularity and you can see that in this way they reach a huge number of players.

Yes, we are talking about free games. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook were preparing a new chapter in the history of production on Facebook and Messenger, offering users access to games in the cloud. On one hand, we would have free2play titles, and on the other, more extensive productions. For this support for multiplayer and we get a really meaningful connection. I doubt that something like this will develop quickly, but if Facebook could create something similar in the next two years, it could surely take part in its gaming market.

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Facebook can cleverly use its huge database of active users. I think that in this way they would be able to convince many people to even buy a paid game package via Facebook.

Mobility above all

For now, cloud services are paving the way. Google and its Stadium left mixed feelings, and you can see that some were hoping for more. Well, a lot depends on what titles will be available and how the delay of any actions taken by the player will look like. I believe that this will not be a big problem for IT giants to achieve adequate stability and speed.

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In my opinion, the appearance of Facebook on this market could fuel its development. If a proper gaming service with the possibility of sharing a smartphone screen on a TV set or even a separate attachment was created, more traditional consoles in the style of Xbox or PlayStation could lose a lot. Really, many people want to play and would happily agree to a game offer in exchange for a monthly subscription.

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For now, however, this scenario is distant. I think that in 5 years the gaming market will go in this direction and I wonder which solutions will win in the hearts Kowalski.

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source: The verge

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