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A very important aspect of the conference was the topic of gender equality in technology. The numbers are drastic, as it turns out that in Poland only 6% of women hold managerial positions in companies, compared to 17% globally, which is still an extremely poor result. The conversations around the topic of parities raised many doubts, including whether their introduction would solve the problem of unequal treatment. Women want to be hired and respected because they are specialists in their field, and not because of legally imposed limits.

Women in IT often struggle with the cheater syndrome, a phenomenon that causes a lack of faith in their own competences and the belief that they do not deserve the success that has been achieved. It is still largely claimed that success in science requires strong innate abilities, which more men have, which is why women are less likely to consider a career in this field. What's more, we believe that being a leader is attributed to male traits, and in fact we need more and more female traits in this aspect, such as empathy, developed emotional intelligence and communication skills.

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The US ambassador to Poland – Georgette Mosbacher – emphasized that gender equality should not be an end in itself. It will be a difficult crossing, according to her, but women should first of all invest in themselves and not waste energy on anything that does not make their career develop. He emphasizes that if we don't believe in ourselves, no one else will believe in us.

In turn, at the debate on the requirements of modern leaders, companies were encouraged to support women in their development by constantly improving their qualifications, training, equal conditions and wages, especially since they also play other social roles such as motherhood, which is why they are often exposed to difficult return to professional duties. Above all, however, all changes must be followed by a change in people's awareness.

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