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On the one hand, something is happening on the smartphone market all the time, new manufacturers are constantly releasing new models, at least once a year we get a top flagship. However, the differences over the past two years are not revolutionary enough to change the industry. Here is a fashion for notch, there for a retractable camera. A little more RAM, slightly better processors, but the difference is not as significant as it might seem from the ads. In my opinion, there are at least a few smartphones from previous years that are still worth buying in 2019. With Android, unfortunately, it is so that it is never certain which devices will receive an update to the latest version of the system, but when it comes to equipment, the following models still give a lot of fun and are still top smartphones. It's just that they cost much less today than on the day of their premiere. What is worth considering?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

When Huawei Mate 20 Pro appeared on the market last fall, it cost PLN 4,299. And today? You can buy it for PLN 2,200. Still great components and performance, cosmically good photos, long work time on one charge. When you decide to buy this smartphone in 2019, you will feel what it's like to have a flagship in your pocket with great possibilities. Why? You'll find out in our review.

Huawei P20 Pro

It is also affordable to look around for the Huawei P20 Pro. Here we also get great components, very good performance and excellent photos. At the time of its premiere, the Huawei P20 Pro cost about 3500 zlotys, today you will buy it for about 1900 zlotys, so instead of looking around for the current generation of P models and giving up the Pro note, you may want to consider buying an older flagship for reasonable money. Especially that "20s" like to appear in promotions, so you can also win a few pennies.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung releases its flagship S models once a year. And fortunately for customers, they don't hold their premiere price for a long time. I bought S6 myself at the end of the year in which it appeared on the market and paid 1000 zlotys for a new phone less than it cost at the start. However, if you go down one generation, the price will be even better. The smartphone can now be bought for around 2,400 zlotys (3600 for the premiere), and it's still great equipment. Samsung has not revolutionized its cameras lately, so the Nine will be taking great photos, and the Exynos 9810 is still doing very well with both games and everyday use. With Samsung, it is never entirely clear when the individual devices receive the new Android, but in my opinion it is worth thinking about buying this smartphone in 2019.

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OnePlus 6

You've probably noticed that OnePlus releases new smartphones every six months. Views with the note T do not introduce groundbreaking novelties, but nevertheless fill the market with more devices. Therefore, for example, such OnePlus 6 from 2018 is still a great smartphone with top components (and works like a rocket thanks to system optimization), and costs much less than for the premiere. Every now and then I see price offers on the network half as much as near last year's premiere. There is also the import of these smartphones – yes, there will be problems with the warranty, but the price seems very tempting.

LG G7 / LG G8

LG is a fairly specific producer, or rather specifically reacts to their smartphone market. Both G7 and G8 are successful devices, which were quite expensive at the premiere, but were soon reduced. Users even joke that it is worth waiting up to two weeks from the launch of the new model, because the first promotion is already appearing. And yes, it's worth the wait, because after some time you can buy LG smartphones at really attractive prices.

iPhone 8

Things look a bit different with iPhones, especially now. When thinking about buying the last year's model of the smartphone with the bitten apple logo, it's worth looking at the prices of the iPhone 11 mentioned by me in the ranking of the best smartphones of 2019: Better processor, better cameras, reasonable price – even better than the two-year iPhone X. Therefore, looking around for the older with equipment (unless you consider used phones), it still makes sense to buy an iPhone 8 costing around 2,000 zlotys. It may look archaic, maybe the pictures will not be at "today's level", but it is a new phone that looks for updates will serve you a few more years.

In general, iPhones are a good option when it comes to used phones. A group of customers other than androids exchanges smartphones for newer models and displays used equipment at various auctions or social networking sites. If the phone is in good condition and the price is attractive – it is worth buying. I have several friends who have been doing this for years. Of course, they are backwards when it comes to generations, but by selling even older models (for which they are always willing) they add little money, and exchange the phone for a newer one. Here, however, the most profitable is having which iPhone and only then replacing it.

This secondary market is also not a bad idea – especially if you want to have a top (in your time) smartphone for much less money. However, here it varies and everything depends on the specific offer. The visual condition is one thing, and there is also a battery, which in many phones offers less work time after a year than at the beginning. On the other hand, Android-powered smartphones on the secondary market can be bought quite cheaply and seem to be a very tempting alternative to the primary market. Is it worth it Here you have to take risks, especially when it comes to a phone that has expired.

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