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Disney announces the start of Disney + in Europe

A clip released yesterday on the Disney profile on Facebook (and in several other places on the web) heralds the debut of the giant VOD service in European countries. The names mention Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, but at the end of the video there is also the statement "… listing only a few of them", suggesting that the list has not been published in full and we can expect more announcements. The post itself also says directly that the next ones will be announced soon, although there are no specific dates. According to the distribution, which was published a few months ago, Poland would welcome Disney + in the second half or even at the end of 2020. Will it really be like that? I dare to doubt, because there are more and more indications that Disney will be ready much earlier.

Disney + Coming March 31st to More Countries

Disney Plus will be available in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain (and more to be announced soon) starting on March 31. Please note: Titles may vary by territory. #DisneyPlus

Published by Disney Thursday, November 7 2019

I am convinced that Disney + will then go to Poland

I will now refer to Dawid MuszyƄski's screen material, which, after talking to Bob Iger, the head of Disney, wrote that the premiere of Disney + in Poland will take place faster than we think. Perhaps these were just empty words of the CEO, who wanted to do well in conversation with the media and breathe some hope for users waiting for the premiere – it would not surprise me at all, because since we do not know the specific release date, "sooner than you think" He doesn't say much. On the other hand, maybe there is something for something and Poland will be included in the group of Western European countries (which I mentioned at the beginning of the text) and we will receive Disney + at the end of March 2020?

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The arguments for Disney's readiness for the premiere in Poland at the turn of the first and second quarter of 2020 are primarily the language versions of the service page and translated trailers of original Disney + productions, which can now be viewed in the service in the test version in the Netherlands. The awaited 'The Mandalorian' and 'In Love Mongrel' have Polish subtitles and Polish dubbing to choose from. Would they be prepared with only our countrymen using Disney + in the Netherlands in mind, and soon in other countries? It would be at least strange if the Polish versions of the production were available to viewers in Great Britain or France, and the service would not reach Poland, right?

Running the VOD service on many markets at the same time is obviously not an easy task and I am well aware of that. Apple TV + launched around the world in one day, and in Poland we can watch original Apple productions with Polish subtitles. Of course, with 8 titles on offer, this is not a major challenge, but on the other hand Disney has had Polish versions of its own productions for many, many years, because they went to cinemas, later on DVD and Blu-Ray or were broadcast on television on Disney channels' and. The basic database of Polish translations already exists, and since the upcoming productions already have Polish versions on the eve of the launch of the service on foreign markets, Poland must be among the countries of the second wave of premieres, i.e. March 31, 2020.

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