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Samsung Galaxy S20 – a new look

To date, Koreans have tried to dose stylistic novelties, limiting themselves to visible revolutions every two generations. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S20 will differ significantly from its predecessor, but apparently the company has noticed that it can not afford to stay in place. The new model is to offer a new display. In this year's devices we will meet panels in 19: 9 format, while in flagships from 2018 it had an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9. It turns out that the company for 2020 plans to go a step further and get closer to Sony in this respect. Namely, they want to use the Super AMOLED screen in 20: 9 format.

I have to admit that this is a big surprise, although on the other hand it will allow you to fit an even larger display, better focused on entertainment, in a housing of similar size. What's more, Samsung will further reduce the frame around the panel. I must admit that in this respect, beautiful frameless smartphones are being prepared.

Recently, there has also been a lot of talk about adding panels refreshing the image at 120 Hz. Undoubtedly it would be an interesting novelty and Samsung would catch up with rivals in this field. For the basic Galaxy S20 the panel will have a diameter of 6.2 inches, Plus version – 6.7; while Ultra up to 6.9.

samsung galaxy s11

The changes will take place from the back, which will be especially visible after the new rectangular camera module. All buttons, i.e. volume and power, will appear on the right edge of the device. Naturally, the housing will still be made of two panes of glass and aluminum. It is worth adding here that different varieties will receive different color versions:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: blue, gray, pink;
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus / S20 Ultra: blue, gray, black, white.

The dimensions of the new devices will be as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: 152 x 68 x 7.9 mm; weight: 164 grams,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: 162 x 74 x 7.8 mm; weight: 188 grams,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 167 x 76 x 8.8 mm; weight: 221 grams.

What will drive Samsung Galaxy S20?

The heart of Samsung Galaxy S20 will be the new Exynos 990 chip, which will be produced in a 7 nanometer lithographic process. Of course, outside Europe this processor will be replaced by Snapdragon 865.

samsung galaxy s11

Exynosa 990 consists of three core clusters: 2 proprietary Mongoose new generation cores, 2 ARM Cortex A76 cores and four ARM Cortex A55; offering a 20% higher performance. SoC will provide support for LPDDR5 memory chips and will support 5G connectivity. There will also be new ARM Mali G77 MP11 graphics with 20% higher performance. There will also be a dedicated dual-core system for processing tasks related to machine learning or elements of artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that all models are to offer 128 GB of built-in memory with the possibility of expansion using microSD cards up to 1 TB, while the 512 GB version is to be reserved only for the Ultra version.

New software, Samsung One UI 2

Samsung One UI 2 is the next generation of a completely new Korean overlay. I must admit that its first edition was a show of the company's capabilities and the fact that they understand users' expectations. Bright colors, thought-out solutions that everyone associated with Touchwiz got into the basket. Well, Touchwiz still raises extreme emotions for many people.

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Samsung One UI 2 introduces a lot of improvements. It's definitely worth starting with the fact that notifications and various interface elements, such as the volume slider, have been simplified even more. In addition, a well thought-out appearance of all applications was taken care of. Namely, the point is that each of the programs can be operated with one hand and I am curious how it will work in practice.

Added to this is dark mode. This time it will be really available everywhere and the whole will be adapted to it. New colors in applications that look great and I'm very happy that Samsung approaches the interface in One UI 2 wisely have also been forgotten, the manufacturer also took care of corrections in terms of audio quality, although it is difficult to assess whether it will be audible at the moment . Samsung has also focused heavily on improving the focus mode and adding time management with the phone.

It is worth adding here about the news from Android 10, which will be added along with the update with Samsung One UI 2. It is about intelligent responses from the notification bar, which are to be available to all applications for sending messages available on Google Play; system support for dark graphics or 5G networks. There will also be a Live Caption function that will display live subtitles for movies and music played on devices without the need for a network connection. It is also worth mentioning here about security updates that will not require a restart of the device.

Below you can find wallpapers that will be available on new Samsung.

Finally a new photographic module

To start with, we'll start with what appears in the photo module. Finally, Koreans decided it was time to improve the camera used and definitely wanted to say finally. Everything indicates that the main sensor will have as much as 108 Mpix and it will be exactly the same matrix that we will see in Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Most likely in flagships it will be combined with a brighter lens and an effective optical image stabilization. However, not the resolution itself is the most important thing. Interestingly, the photos will be recorded in a resolution of 12 Mpix and each such pixel will have a size of up to 2.4 μm (compared to 1.4 μm with the Galaxy S10). I must admit that it promises to be really interesting and especially interesting, how the equipment will cope after dark.

Here's how the new photo modules will look in Samsung Galaxy S20:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: main camera 12 Mpix, 64 Mpix with telephoto lens, 12 Mpix with wide angle lens, 3x optical zoom,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: main camera 12 Mpix, 64 Mpix with telephoto lens, 12 Mpix with wide-angle lens, 3x optical zoom,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: main camera 108 Mpix, 48 Mpix with telephoto lens, 12 Mpix with wide-angle lens, ToF sensor for detecting image depth, 10x optical zoom.

samsung galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Recently, Koreans have registered a new trademark in Europe called Space Zoom, and the new photo module is codenamed Hubble. This is the best evidence that Samsung is aiming at cosmically high quality photos. Of course, the equipment not only has to offer a 5x optical zoom, but also the ability to capture the beauty of the night sky, just like Google Pixel 4 does. Now more and more is talked about that we will see a 50x hybrid zoom, but I approach these messages from a distance.

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If that wasn't enough, Samsung Galaxy S20 will allow you to record movies in 8K resolution. I have to admit that it would be an interesting addition to the new flagships, but it would definitely be a reasonable step of the manufacturer, since they are already selling 8K TVs. Such material will be recorded in 30 frames per second, while 4K video could be recorded even in 120. A 10 Mpix camera will appear on the front in two lower models and a 40 Mpix matrix in the Ultra variant.

A surprising Samsung Galaxy S portfolio

samsung galaxy S20

The manufacturer is to present three varieties of Samsung Galaxy S20, i.e. we will have a replay from 2019. It is worth adding that all Galaxy S20 will already have a curved SAMOLED screen. I am very happy that this time they are supposed to offer 120 Hz refresh rate.

Recently, Samsung has applied for a name patent sAMOLED. It is possible that it will mean AMOLED displays with a higher refresh rate, and the shortcut itself will refer directly to Super AMOLED and replace the last used term Dynamic AMOLED.

samsung galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20e

Of course, there will be new stereo speakers and the 3.5 mm headphone jack will not appear again. It is also worth mentioning something about batteries. Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 4000 mAh cell this time and I think that thanks to it it will become a much more interesting proposition. The S20 Plus will receive a larger, 4500 capacity.

samsung galaxy S20

In terms of working time, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra may look impressive. In his case, a battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh will appear and most likely the equipment will continue to support fast charging of 45 W.

The premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S20

samsung galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Three varieties of Samsung Galaxy S20 will debut at Galaxy Unpacked 2020, which will take place on February 11 in San Francisco at 20:00 Polish time. There will of course be a live broadcast of the entire event.

What's more interesting, the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus will be available in varieties with 5G support. Apparently, presale will start immediately on the day of the presentation, while the delivery of the first copies is expected to start on March 6 in, incl. In the US, in Europe, customers will have to wait until March 13.

Samsung Galaxy S20 prices

Koreans have already accustomed us to the fact that their equipment is not the cheapest. The new flagships will be no different, but fortunately there will be no increases compared to the current generation. Here's how the starting prices will be:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 8/128 GB – 3949 PLN,
    • will be available in blue, pink and gray,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 12/128 GB – PLN 4399,
    • will be available in blue, black and gray,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 12/128 GB – PLN 4849,
    • will be available in blue, black and gray,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 16/512 GB – 5999 PLN,
    • will be available in black and gray.

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