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DxOMark shows who made the best smartphone for photography

The end of the year means lists of the best, worst, most average devices. However, some of them are interesting and can accurately present the market situation. This is exactly what it looks like in the DxOMark ranking, in which the best smartphones for taking photos and recording videos appeared. In which equipment will we find the best photographic module?

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In 2019, DxOMark tested a total of 31 smartphones. Of course, in the overall statement the title of the winner went to two ranking leaders who scored 121 points in the test. This is exactly about Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition (in Europe it's Xiaomi Mi Note 10). I have to admit that it is a big surprise that this year the highest average level was presented by Chinese producers, although it is worth taking the correction that sometimes the results from DxOMark do not have to coincide with reality.

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In my opinion, other competition is more important. I mean here The best smartphone for night photography and here Huawei Mate 30 Pro leads the way. This company is really developing its night mode and you can see that their effort is not in vain. In turn, in the category The best smartphone with a wide-angle lens won the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

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In fact, Google Pixel 4 was not in the lead this year, but apparently according to the testers, Americans this year did not try enough. Well, great-looking photos of the night sky are not the only criteria for evaluation.

Apple all the time for filmmakers

Another interesting category concerns the quality of movie recording. The first position belongs ex aquo to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition (102 points), which was additionally awarded for offering the best zoom. They were followed by Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (both 101 points) and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (100 points).

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It is interesting what new will appear in the cameras in phones in 2020. We can certainly expect a multitude of matrices at the back and the more frequent appearance of the ToF module for depth of field detection. I am particularly counting on further improvement of the quality of night photos and higher quality of recorded audio in movies. In addition, manufacturers will want to love us in matrices with really high resolutions, which we had a foretaste of this year. We will also see which solutions will appear in cheaper models and I hope it will not be a quadruple photographic module.

I am curious which mobile device in your opinion is the best in terms of the quality of photos and videos taken. Do you agree with the DxOMark verdict?

source: Android Community

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