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Together with Michał we summed up 2019 in the video material, with a minimum of the next 12 months. However, December is a very good time to gather expectations in one place for the next year. 2020 sounds very futuristic – in general, we have recently experienced the date on which Blade Runner is happening – and as you have certainly noticed, our everyday life looks completely different than in this movie. I wonder if the visions of the future presented in today's science-fiction paintings will also be so missed. I do not think 2020 will be a breakthrough in the technology industry, although when it comes to the game, for example, it will change a little. First things first.

2020 smartphones

2019 was marked by several trends. Notches began to be displaced by retractable front cameras, which eliminated the need to place the lens in a unsightly indentation. Apple remains unimpressed by this fact, although if I am to have a notch in my smartphone in order to get such a smooth face unlocking, let it be there. OnePlus showed a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, which makes a great impression, Huawei got banned and begins to release smartphones without Google services, and Samsung finally sent stores to the folded Galaxy Fold. And then there was the folding Motorola, preying on memories of the average, but iconic Motorola Razr. As you can see, a bit was happening this 2019 and I am very curious what the companies will show in 2020. I bet.

  • Fingerprint readers on the screen will finally work great and will support those on the back even in cheaper models.
  • Just like the ejection mechanisms, frontal cameras under the screen will begin to popularize.
  • Apple will make a phone with a 90Hz refresh rate, which will not help you with the already great sales of iPhones. Charging via USB-C may also appear.
  • Subsequent manufacturers will start to create folded / unfolded smartphones that no one will buy, because prices will be prohibitive and downright absurd.

In total, nothing revealing, but I do not expect to suddenly turn the world upside down. I will say more – I'm afraid that 2020 will be boring and there is really nothing to wait for any breakthrough in the world of smartphones. Huawei remains unknown, but it will launch Mate 30 Pro in Poland this year – with Android, but without Google services. If nothing changes in the subject of cooperation on the Huawei – Google line, 2020 may prove to be a key year for this company. At least when it comes to Europe, the USA and smartphones. How will people react to the presence on the market of devices without access to YouTube or Google Maps? And how it will affect the sale of brand phones even in Poland – Huawei is treading on the back of Xiaomi, which has accelerated in our country like crazy and does not want to slow down.

  Disney versus Netflix. Users will be the victims of this "war" on the VOD market

Services and software

  • Adobe will release another update that will break the stability of Premiere Pro.
  • Windows 10 will simply be Windows 10 with a million updates that like to hide from the user.
  • Disney + will go to Poland. Poles will not like the service, because they have already seen all the materials before … it is known where.
  • Apple + will get 2 new series, one for spring and the other for winter. People will run out of the free year with the service, and this will turn out to be a financial failure.
  • YouTube will not give up on a million ads urging you to buy YT Premium, because threats of people do not impress them. Where are they supposed to go, since the service is not available on the competition market? / option number two – YouTube will give up Premium, which will perfectly fit into the company's policy according to which every now and then more services are killed.


PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will appear on the market. The consoles awaited, because the current equipment of both manufacturers is very bad already when it comes to comparing components with the constantly developing PC market. I am a mainly console player, but after all I've seen in recent years, it's really hard for me to believe that any company could meet the expectations of artificially pumped by themselves. Amazing performance, 4K (it's a shame it's not a pipe) 60 fps, ultra-fast game loading times. I am absolutely not negative – I just remember the promises related to 1080p and 60fps, and you know how to fulfill them. Let's just end up in one half of the generation, because it may turn out that PS4 Pro and Xbox One X gave rise to the trend of regularly releasing more powerful versions of the equipment. Two consoles for a generation will somehow survive, three not anymore. Well, but in the following years.

  Galaxy Note 10 Lite SM-N770F on official photos

And Nintendo? I don't think Switch Pro appeared in 2020, but rather the company will now focus on games and maybe in 2021 something about equipment will move.

Other equipment

  • ASUS will do a computer without a keyboard. The laptop will only have two screens. I really believe it, I don't need it, but I believe it. Well, why not, if the trackpad with a touch screen turned into a huge touch panel?
  • Apple will not do anything new with the note Pro, because each category has already got a device with the note Pro.
  • Xiaomi will pogrom the television market in Poland. For now, I've seen a few models at the Mi Store in Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw – they had no prices, only a "soon on sale" badge. Poles love Xiaomi, they will also love their TVs – you'll see.

In fact, all other speculation seems too much fantasy. I would like to finally, in 2020, some magical miracle invented new batteries for smartphones, thanks to which the devices will work a week on one charge. I would like wireless data transmission at really impressive speeds, not LTE, which sometimes in the center of a large city is choking as if it was supposed to completely quit (which happens from time to time). I would like the fragmentation of the video streaming market to go back – I do not intend to pay for several similar services just because someone has exclusive rights or has a good license deal. And for HBO Go to work in 4K with HDR, even for a 2 times more expensive subscription. Will any of these wishes be met in 2020? I dare to doubt.

But I am very curious what you predict for 2020. Write in the comments, maybe something will come true?


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