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Audio Video Show 2019 is not only equipment but also artists

This year's Audio Video Show is a treat for lovers of audio-video equipment, but even if you are not so much into the subject, you will also find something for yourself. And this is because well-known artists will appear.

On Friday, November 8, at 12:30 in the TV4 room at PGE Narodowy there will be a meeting with Lech Janerka, during which the artist will present another single entitled "Om" and will also tell about the process of composing and recording songs.

At 17:00 in the SkyBox room 115/116 at PGE Narodowy, Karolina Czarnecka will present her latest album "Miracle", at 18:00 at the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel (Sala Belweder I) there will be a meeting with Hirek Wrona, who will present the recordings from many musical genres. There will be, among others, interesting promising to compare the sound of vinyl records with CDs.

A meeting with Adam Czerwiński will also be held at the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, during which the artist's latest album entitled "Raindance", in addition you will be able to take part in the HighFidelity workshops: Kontrabas & Perkusja, which will be hosted by Wojciech Pacuła (editor-in-chief of "High Fidelity" and the co-editor of the American magazine "Positive Feedback") – he will talk about the ways of contrabass and percussion.

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At PGE Narodowy at 18:30 in Room 226, there will be a preview of the latest Celine Dion release – the album "Courage". Half an hour later, you'll be able to meet Michael Fremer, a journalist at the American monthly Stereophile, who is also a world-renowned specialist in analogue turntables.

Saturday November 9 abounds in further musical attractions, including live concerts. From 11:30 to 19:00 in the PGE Narodowy Cinema Hall, the concert stage will be populated, with young promising artists such as Arek Kłusowski, Olga Polikowska, Limboski, Stach Bukowski, Sanah and Hash Cookie.

Additionally, HighFidelity Workshops: Analog tape vs Test Press vs LP, meeting with Nile Rodgers – American producer, composer, songwriter and guitarist. There will also be something for fans of a documentary film – a lecture by a respected author and co-author of photos for over 60 documents – Jan Paweł Pełech.

We will listen live to Sanah, who will present her debut EP "My name is my invisible". Together with the owner of the AC Records publishing house, Adam Czerwiński, we will listen to the new recordings of the label and listen to what the music director of Antyradia, Marcin Bąkiewicz, has to say.

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WM Fono workshops also promise to be very interesting: "Vinyl and CD – the latest trends on the physical media market". Saturday evening, however, can be spent with a meeting with Joanna Bejm, which will be combined with listening to her latest album "You".

And this is only part of Saturday's attractions …

On the last day, on Sunday, November 10, we will listen to Piotr Stelmach and his guests, who will talk about the last installment of the "Men's Playing" project, and later Krzesimir Dębski will present the listening to the album "Grooveoberek", so it will be very jazz.

We will also learn what eco vinyl is, a pioneering solution on the music market – you will learn about it by the new album by Natalia Przybysz "How to Paint Fire". The group Przybył, headed by Sławomir Przybył, will present their debut album "Megafon".

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