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Each of us players had no life for a while. One goes on for years to this day, others just don't have time to isolate themselves anymore. Each avid gejmer certainly hit the server of his favorite game at least once during the holiday season. It doesn't matter if it's a MMORPG, a text game in the browser or a shooter. Everywhere the celebration looked quite similar. Of course, it was Christmas before Christmas Eve. Administrators or game developers very often turn players on to holiday events, give unique bonuses or simply stick to the models of characters Santa's hats. For those who love the atmosphere of Christmas, it's definitely a nice addition. All the rest goes to the agenda and just enjoy the extra loot. Players talking to each other on voice and text chats can already be a bit nicer to each other. There may not be madness, but there are some flashes. And finally the awaited Christmas is coming!

And in the latest update … Magic of Christmas!

Most players do not appear on servers on public holidays. There are those who simply don't like to play games. There are also those who would like to play, but do not have the opportunity, because they are on holiday trip … or simply my mother does not allow. Therefore, on Christmas evenings there are never crowds. Zero login problems. You come in and you are. You and a handful of people who for different reasons have made the same decision. We might wonder why the rest of us got here, but no one asks. At this time, one does not inquire. Maybe someone just doesn't celebrate Christmas, maybe this server is his only escape? Does not matter! This is not the time to think about sorrows, it is a time of joy. Everything is nicer then. I remember that nobody was shouting at anyone at that time, everyone was more eager to help each other, even nobody told me all day that I was a mother! It's really magic.

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Everyone just relaxes on their favorite game. It's a shame to make any acids. We are pleased because all the rest are happy. There are jokes, jokes, singing, praising the action and long goodbyes when someone finally states that it is time to lay down. Ah, if only everything would look like this all year long. Well, it could be a little too sweet. Maybe that's why we appreciate these sweet moments the worse it got during the year? Of course, this climate at some point ends. People return to work, focus on the New Year's Eve celebration (which is also unique on servers, but you know … it's not the same) and everything returns to normal. It dissolves in non-existence to hide somewhere and wait for the whole year until next holidays.

Holidays, holidays and after holidays

However, my festive, gaming memories are quite distant. For some time I have not used this climate. I have some concerns that it all began to fade away. Of course, this is just a stupid feeling resulting from a lack of empirical experience, but something in the middle tells me that the climate is also slowly escaping from games. Are we also sad and bitter there? I hope not! Let my jealousy speak that I don't have time for it all. May this year's server holidays be as charming and magical as I remembered them years ago. Please, say that it is still nice that this Christmas is going on somewhere …!

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