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Netflix with a strong partner: Nickelodeon will help in the fight against Disney

Anyone who has had contact with fairy tales and animations for a while, certainly associates the Nickelodeon brand. The channel appeared in Poland only in 2008, but it existed much, much longer, since 1977. In his catalog, of course, there are primarily productions targeted at the youngest viewers, and on the air you can find not only licensed titles, but also original series and films. I want to use it Netflix, which he established with Nickelodeon long-term cooperation under the new agreement.

Interestingly, the result will not be completely new productions with completely new characters. In the announcement we read that in the upcoming films and series will appear known and liked characters from the Nickelodeon library. Melissa Cobb, deputy head of the original animation department at Netflix, said: "Nickelodeon is responsible for a number of heroes that children love and we can't wait to tell completely new stories that expand and refresh the worlds they come from. We will continue to work with Brian Robbins, Ramsey Naito and the entire Nickelodeon creative team to find fresh voices and be able to present bold stories to our global audience at Netflix. "

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Netflix must be even more dynamic to resist Disney, Apple and others

Of course, Netflix has so far had quite a lot of content in its offer for younger viewers and has offered the creation of special profiles that narrow the catalog only to such materials. However, there has never been much emphasis on such projects before. Netflix has been investing heavily in children's materials only for about a year, and the first full-length animation of the website Fri. "Klaus". In the light of such strong competition from HBO and Amazon, when it comes to TV series and movies for older viewers, and Disney's entry into the VOD market with a bang, which puts its giant library of children's content online, Netflix is ​​forced to further diversify its offer. If only he did not overdo it with quantity, forgetting about the quality of these new movies, series and animations, which seems to be the biggest bane of almost all producers.

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