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The first reports and analyzes pointed to Elaine Herzberg's guilt, but there were many voices that criticized both Volvo and Uber. Now, the American office: National Transportation Safety Board adds fuel to the fire, which estimated that the vehicle could not identify it correctly and therefore did not stop at the right moment. It is not known, however, whether it is the technology used by Uber or Volvo – thus, both the car manufacturer and the owner of the transport service have a nice and warm feel.

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On November 19, the National Transportation Safety Board will meet again to provide more detail to the media. Until then, Uber and Volvo will be biting their nails: if Uber has failed, it could mean for him huge difficulties in testing his autonomous vehicle technology and considerable legal problems. In the case of Volvo … well. The case is very similar, but also synonymous with the loss of a large part of the reputation that this brand carries (after all, Volvo aims for safety – users and other drivers, pedestrians).

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