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Pixar movie from the creators departure, What what and It can't fit in your head. It's enough for me to go to the cinema. It doesn't matter what he was about. And all in all, it is still not quite clear what Soul (original title) will. In the trailer they ask us how we are going to go down in history. The main hero of the whole will be a certain Joe Gardner. He is a teacher dreaming of playing jazz … although looking at the title we can guess that he also likes soul. Or is it just a coincidence? Coming back to Joe! One day he accidentally falls into a sewer pit. Instead of waking up, lying in the sewers, he wakes up in a mysterious spiritual universe in which a man greets him 22.

What plays in the soul will appear in theaters on August 7

Unfortunately, we do not know the full Polish cast yet. However, I liked the title. Which in the soul of the game seems to be a great reference, suggesting that with this soul something must actually be on the point. The only thing that worries is the Polish release date. We'll have to wait two months longer than the rest of the world. The same happened in the case of Toy Story 4 and it starts to worry me. This practice is extremely unpleasant. Let it not become a pixar norm!

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Review Toy Story 4. This is how animated films should be done

It's hard to have any fears about this movie. Given the achievements of the creators and the specifics of Pixar himself, we will almost certainly get something phenomenal. I look forward to showing off my skills in using animation techniques. Can it be even more beautiful than in Toy Story 4? Probably so! I also believe that there will be a lesson behind the production on which you can talk to the child after the screening, and give adults something to think about. If only you didn't have to wait that long …

Disney premieres for 2019-2021 – what is worth waiting for?

The expected November 22 will appear in theaters Frozen 2. Disney already has a pretty large list of premieres for the next two years and many of them are really worth attention. Their VOD service is about to start. Let's hope that Disney + will appear soon also in Poland and we will be able to test ourselves whether it is worth it. In a word – it promises to be an exceptionally hot and joyful period for all Disney fans. I believe that the studio will not disappoint and will give us nothing but greatness.

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