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Everyone was asking themselves this question: what happened to Jessi Pinkman after he managed to get away with life, and almost all the other participants of the macabre scene from the end of the series were killed. I write almost because some even allow the possibility of staying alive by Walter White – if Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, came up with the idea of ​​keeping him alive, I count on a solid explanation, what the hell would happen.

However, there is no point in thinking about it because we don't know much about the story of El Camino. The materials released so far reveal almost nothing and even the latest trailer is extremely economical in content. We see in him Aaron Paul who plays Jesse Pinkman, who in the middle of nowhere he sits in the car listening to the radio. It discusses the massacre in which an automatic machine gun was used.

If this tells you nothing, I will write that you still have some time to catch up on Breaking Bad. All seasons are available on Netflix in 4K resolution. Gilligan swears that knowledge of the series is not required to enjoy the El Camino screening, but I'm not surprised at these words, because if he said otherwise, he would limit the audience of his new production.

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El Camino Trailer: Breaking Bad

I can't imagine watching El Camino without showing all five seasons of Breaking Bad. What's more, it would be good to remember them all, because in the course of dozens of episodes so much happened that it will certainly be worth refreshing all those details and details that may be relevant at El Camino.

Walter White may still be alive. Would you not agree with me that this is a good opportunity to remember how he broke and started his career under the pseudonym Heisenberg?

El Camino: Breaking Bad will premiere on Netflix on October 11.

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