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This is one of those films that all of Poland is waiting for. Part of the takeover, and part of the back.

Zenek Martyniuka needs no introduction to anyone. Even if we are not the target of his music, we know who he is. Everyone has ever heard the song of Akcent once. Often, even voluntarily. I am not one of his fans myself, but I realize what position Zenek has in the world of entertainment. People go crazy when they go on stage. Disco-polers love his hits and want to listen to them at every possible festival. Now they will have the opportunity to get to know their idol a little closer.

Zenek in theaters from February 14

The film will include Krzysztof Czeczot (Pitbull. New orders. Tips for betrayal), Jakub ZajÄ…c (Best, Beak), Magdalena Berus (Baby blues. Satan told me to dance), Klara Bielawka (Women's Day. Integration trip), Karol Dziuba (Dont care about me. Fortunately) and Jan Frycz (Blind from the lights. Welts). The director is Jan Hryniak (Time of Honor – Rising. Third), while the script was written by Marta Hryniak (Kings crown).

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The trailer refers to nostalgia, showing us the characteristics of the years in which fans bought cassettes at stadiums. It's colorful, there's a hit in the background. Not much is happening, but Zenek is not James Bond. It's about history, not explosions. An interesting procedure is involvement in the project … Limahla. Personally, I wish that the movie Zenek does not understand how to play with Led Zeppelin or AC / DC, but we have different tastes. I am also surprised by the involvement of Stork loans as an honorary sponsor. I believe that you could find someone more suitable. But maybe there is a fashion for financial sponsors? Policy she had a Cinkciarz Zenek has a stork. I will go to the movie with great curiosity, because it will definitely be an interesting spectacle

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