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LG UX 9.0 may be liked

LG currently doesn't have the best run on the smartphone market. In fact, we can not hear much about them now and it looks as if the company had a worse period or did not put so much emphasis on the development of their phones. Despite this, they are constantly trying to add new features and recently presented a new version of their overlay, i.e. LG UX 9.0.

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The whole stylistically very closely refers to Samsung One UI 2.0. The interface looks really similar and you can see that LG designers modeled themselves strongly on the competition. It doesn't mean anything bad at all. The new One UI promises to be great and the manufacturer listened to the needs of users, for which words of praise. In turn, LG probably recognized that their target group are Samsung users, so to facilitate their possible migration they took care of a very similar interface. I have to admit that this sounds like a pretty reasonable plan.

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Another thing is that it is difficult for me to imagine anyone who would now switch to a Samsung LG smartphone. I see more among target users of current LG fans.

What exactly is new in LG UX 9.0? The whole is a development of LG UX 8.0 and focused primarily on aesthetic novelties and those facilitating the use of the most important applications. The changes included programs relations. Phone whether Connection History, and gallery. In addition, LG has added a system dark mode. Apparently, all this will translate into longer work time on one charge, but I wouldn't be surprised if it just resulted from the introduction of Android 10.

Who is LG UX 9.0 for?

It is also worth looking at when LG UX 9.0 appears on smartphones. For now, the manufacturer plans to start providing updates from the end of this year in South Korea, so we can expect a delay of several months for the whole world. The LG G8X ThinQ will definitely be the first update model. The manufacturer is already boasting that LG UX 9.0 has been adapted to it, so the question arises how much time it will take to prepare an update for older phones.

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I am also very curious when we will meet new LG devices. They were really impressive, especially those from the lower shelf, although the company had a tendency to set too high start prices, which the market verified quite quickly. We will also see if they will be interested in further developing the mobile department. I doubt it would be gold mine and remain there because it ensures prestige and better recognition.

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Another thing is the pace of Android 10 adaptation. I think some producers have really overslept the moment of its release.

source: Android Central

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