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In 2020, we will receive another VOD platform. This time no film studio was involved in its creation, but Officina della Comunicazione, a production company cooperating with the Vatican Media, the Department of Communications of the Holy See and the Vatican S. Giovanni XXIII Foundation. As you can guess, the site will offer slightly different materials than Netflix or Disney +. At VatiVision (because it will be called that) materials with a Christian message will appear. Series, feature films and documentaries, which is everything the subscriber could desire.

We direct VatiVision to a target group that has so far been neglected. Our goal is to achieve significant results, both in terms of quality and uniqueness of the proposed content, as well as worldwide distribution, which can reach a reach of 1.3 billion Catholics.

said VatiVision director Luca Tomassini. I wonder how it will actually look. Let's hope that the materials will be really qualitative and worth attention, because it is not enough to convey a specific thought with them to evaluate them positively. Unfortunately, I did not find information about the potential VatiVision subscription. There is currently no information on the Internet whether a fixed monthly fee (as in the case of market giants) will apply for the service or whether everything will be available for free. Or maybe a fee what a grace?

Disney versus Netflix. We – users will be the victims of this "war" on the VOD market

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But a moment! We already have something of this kind in Poland. Do you know the Langusta channel on the palm? Its founder and main leader is the Dominican – father Adam Szustak. For example, you might have seen his videos on YouTube's suggestions, because his channel is quite large (533 thousand subscriptions) or you just heard about his huge records on the Patronite platform. It was his collection that was the first to exceed one million, and at the moment when I write the text, the monthly profits amount to PLN 57080. The Langusty team on the palm, establishing Patronite, set a few clear goals. It began with an increase in the number of common worship in various Polish cities, and ended with … Catholic Netflix. Thanks to the support of viewers, the portal was opened on January 6, 2019, which is thriving today.

Admittedly, visually the portal actually looks very much like a giant from overseas. The content is a little different because they are all oriented towards the Catholic message. Fans can find materials on theology, the Bible and prayer there. There was even a department for children. However, the Dominicans do not have their own player. All videos go to dedicated YouTube channels and are only stuck onto the portal. Szustak mentioned, however, that the team would like to grow as much as possible. There are even special phone applications planned to facilitate the use of the portal, so why not a dedicated player?

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Thirsty to give bored a new VOD is a success now, VatiVision will probably happen soon. What does this tell us about? The phenomenon of fragmentation of VOD services continues and goes quite far. We have Catholic "Netfliks", so should we wait for such for Buddhists now? Will right-wingers, Latinos and war veterans also get separate portals? It is difficult to say, time will tell, but it would not be surprising. People like to close themselves in "small" communities with which they have the most in common. The problem is that such closing can lead to too much isolation and clearer divisions. I see no obstacles for materials concerning even a particular religion to appear already on this still quoted Netflix. If they were prepared in a professional way so that they do not differ in quality from other materials, they could land there even today. I am far from a religious person or even a believer, but out of curiosity I would watch materials such as theology or Holy Bible. I know that if you don't know what's going on, it's about money. But isn't it permeating us too much? And who will benefit? Because certainly not viewers.

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