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The Sims, which is a nice start

I don't remember the first part Sims – mainly because I was four years old. However, I remember well the first copy of the game my parents bought me. I have it on the shelf to this day. I read about the game in the Cyber-Mycha magazine and knew that I had to have it. Necessarily. I have been a fan of the series for a long time. It's quite possible thanks Simsom I started my adventure with games seriously. And to think that only a life simulator. But for what! I regret launching the first Sims on Windows 10 it is a breakneck challenge. I have all the parts on records, sometimes I would love to play, but I bother with it so much, ah. And this installation! Each of the additions has at least two discs. The number that EA will give us one day with a whole package adapted to the latest systems, as they did with two.

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However, I perfectly remember the mechanisms of the first part. Compared to its predecessors – it was simply a difficult game. Sims could not be left for a while, leaving the computer even for a glass of water in the kitchen. If we forgot to pause, we were returning to the fire, cockroaches and the edge of starvation. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. However, great achievements did not come just like that, you had to work hard. And good! Each of the additions brought something completely new, which enriched the gameplay and set trends for the next several years. The graphics were not the best. Everything was in playability. And music! The soundtrack from the first part is phenomenal. One was not only difficult, she was also rude. Do you remember the dancers from the cakes or the dancing cage? There was no genetics system, and the kids were kissing and couldn't grow out of school age. Ah, those were the days.

The Sims 2, Crème de la crème

Definitely my favorite part. On the one hand, I regret that games once did not count the number of losers in no hours, but on the other … maybe it's better? I could be terrified. I remember the moments when most accessories went out and trips to the store for their box versions. I remember (again!) A special copy of "Cyber-Mychy" devoted entirely Sims. He was released before the premiere of two, presenting all the modifications. And there was a multitude of them. Changes in graphics, genetics, gameplay – almost everything. It was a huge leap that I was looking forward to. And again we got a great package of add-ons (unfortunately I haven't collected all of them here) and … accessories. EA began to notice that Simomaniacs will buy almost anything. They began to release such mini-additions, which mainly included accessories and clothes. At that time, we didn't know that they would like it very much.

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Two compared to one was devilishly developed. She also did not lose her claw and sense of humor, and, surprisingly, she really aged well. For the whole mass of players from my generation this is the best part. It was no longer as difficult as its predecessor, but at times it was also a challenge. The creators found the right balance so that it would not be too easy at the same time. However, there were still accidents. Lore games have also been significantly expanded, because – attention – Sims they actually have a story. How to load into it, it turns out that it is quite interesting. But the most important was the apparent freedom we were offered. And no matter if you entered the most difficult and largest families (Gazeta – it was just something!), Wanting to lead them one hundred percent honestly, whether you were making your dream Sim, throwing him into the university, entering it repeatedly Motherlode and it worked absolutely all the possibilities we had the courage to think about. It has always been great fun.

The Sims 3, or a warning about danger

While with the two I experienced the apogee of interest in the series, with the three I started to fall slightly. However, I still liked the series and played with pleasure. Fortunately, this part doesn't have all the accessories and parts. A lot of it appeared and at some point it stopped serving the game. The three are a pile of successive changes. The graphic style has been significantly modified (in my opinion for the worse) and … an open world has been introduced. In the three of us the whole city was open to us, we did not have to bother with loading screens, and the time for all Sims was the same. The problem is that the trio was far from a well-optimized game, which players learned quite painfully. People with weak PCs had no chance, they were doomed to suffering. Those who had NASA equipment in their apartments, well … they suffered too. The more packed we had to play, the worse she went. She sometimes cut her, bug more often, and entering the parliament or changing the environment could take a very long time. The three also strongly abused. The two were not insolent as one, but they also liked to go crazy. The three of us could at most dream of having fun like dancing in a cage. Ah, if only EA wanted to properly optimize this game and fight bugs, it would be really great.

The Sims 4, or how insolently mock players

I bought the basic version of four out of sentiment and curiosity. Now I regret that I spent money on it. Four from the beginning gave the impression of an unsuccessful joke of the creators. Although they are trying to improve and pretend that they do not have their audience somewhere, but does it really work? The four are directed to a whole new generation of players. We're not too old to be a potential target for those who started with one or two. Świeżakom can be pressed for just that, right? Don't get me wrong, I think four have advantages. I like the graphic style in which she went. I appreciate CAS and want to believe that returning to closed worlds is a desire to improve the operation on many computers, not a poor step back. Four have advantages, sure they do.

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But it also has drawbacks. Great disadvantages. And you can even start with prices that are disproportionate to what other additions and accessories offer us. The creators use common patterns and do not even try. Looking through the content of subsequent DLC I have the impression that they are getting smaller and smaller, and the price remains unchanged. Players have also repeatedly complained about the creators ’cuts of themselves. Some of the furniture considered in the additions as new is simply the recollectors of its predecessors or models stolen from The Sims Store (paid market with accessories for three). Many objects are graphically underdeveloped, indeed, the game itself is underdeveloped. You could write and write about bugs. And all this is now hooked up to Origin, you could patch at will. And yet the game is full of bugs and the same for many years. Four are also devilishly simple. Achieving the maximum level of happiness and success requires practically nothing from players. While leaving the sims alone alone was a huge risk, in the four we have to try very hard so that the lives of our pupils began to be at least miserable, not to mention tragic.

Sims, live us a hundred years!

Sims it's a piece of history and memories. This is one of those series that we cannot pass by indifferently. Everyone knows her and most of them played for a moment. The series scored its ups and downs. It is a pity that birthday proposals are quite bitter. EA pushes the game in a direction that no loyal fan would wish. However, all is not lost, it's still Sims! Expensive The Sims. On the occasion of your twentieth anniversary, I wish you nothing but successes, creators less fond of money and fulfill their platinum aspirations. May the fifth part be a great rebirth for you.

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