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Mercedes will present the refreshed E class in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Changes from the outside are rather cosmetic, because the German manufacturer focused this time on the interior and what we find under the hood. Emission standards hit everyone …

Mercedes E-class undergoes ecological lifting

The year 2020 is still transitory, theoretically new emission standards are already in force, but there are several exemptions that allow manufacturers to bypass high fees. From 2021, however, there will be no more such gates and, among other things, one of the main changes in the E class is the propulsion unit offer. According to the latest reports, Mercedes together with the refreshed E class will introduce to the offer as many as seven power units with electric assistance. Some of them will probably be equipped with soft hybrid technology, which will complement the hybrid drives already present in this model – E 300e and E 300de. For lovers of stronger sensations, the offer will include units bearing the AMG logo, i.e. row six in the AMG 43 version and the V8 engine in the AMG63 version. Interestingly, there may also be an intermediate AMG 53 variant with an engine equipped with a soft hybrid.

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