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The option to choose a dark theme is often desirable by users – in many cases the so-called “dark mode” so that the screen light does not offend too much, but sometimes the darker mode just looks better and more elegant. In addition, one can not forget about the issue of lower energy consumption during its use.

The first mention that mobile Google Chrome will receive support for the so-called the dark mode was already known in December last year, but the small number of facts discovered at that time did not allow to say anything about the function, that it would “be”. The currently available beta version 73 of the browser, however, leaves no illusions that soon it will be possible to switch to the dark side of the power.

Dark mode is currently very limited when it comes to the range of action. In order to start it, one must, in addition to subscribing to the beta, have a device with Android 9 Pie and in the options for the programmer set the night mode to “always on”. Then, substitutes of the dark theme will appear in Google Chrome.

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It’s just a black shade here (it’s exactly the same as in incognito mode) in pop-up windows, for example when holding links. The next application builds will probably expand this function, but for now it must be enough information that the dark theme is fast approaching – it will appear in version 73, the date of which is obviously not known yet.

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