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The first AirPods caused huge confusion on the headphones market. First, an endless wave of jokes and mockery about what Apple's foolishness came up this time. Later, when it turned out that the equipment enjoyed great interest, it was time for a further wave of criticism: and this is for quality, and for a non-ecological approach, and for design. You can exchange (and argue) really long what went wrong and what went wrong with Apple AirPods headphones. One thing is certain: in practice, this equipment turned out to be a commercial hit. A ridiculed design: an inspiration for dozens of various fakes that regularly hit the market. Most of them offer terrible sound quality, and also do not impress with the performance. However, they were all bathed, like the original AirPods, in white. The latest generation of Apple headphones would, however, hit the market in a whole set of color variants that will match the line of this year's Apple smartphones.

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AirPods Pro in colors matched to this year's iPhones

Few companies and products can count on such a set of rumors and reports as those from Apple. But in fact, despite the fact that at the moment the American giant is still silent about refreshed variants of its headphones – we regularly receive more information about them. Some from people involved in working on them, different from market analysts, and others … straight from the latest iOS test versions. The source of the latest is the report from China’s Economic Daily News, according to which the new variant of AirPods will hit the market in several, possibly even eight, colors! Among them would not miss the iconic white, black, and night green – that is, the color in which the latest iPhone 11 Pro is available. And to make it more interesting, it's for SlashLeaks appeared the first photos of a new charging case that would correspond to the unusual shape of the new model of headphones:

AirPodsom certainly won't hurt – it's not without reason that people bought silicone so easily clothes or decorated their headphones case differently. When there is more than one couple in the house, it is not difficult to make a mistake in a hurry. Well, the other thing is that a larger palette of colors will eventually help you break boredom. A strong argument for switching to a newer model of headphones would also be noise reduction, water resistance and … cooperation with Siri.

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There is no denying that the spring refresh of AirPods is really … nothing new – and even less an argument to change for the owners of the first generation. What more hungry for new toys could at most buy a new wireless charging case. This time, however, it promises to be much more changes. I hope that apart from the new features, you can actually buy the next generation headphones from Apple in a much less striking color.

Source: Chiba’s Economic Daily News behind Digital Trends

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