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Millions spent on The Morning Show it just shows

Breakfast programs have gained popularity in many countries around the world, but nowhere are they as beloved as in the United States. Their hosts are real stars, often former journalists or actors who inform and entertain viewers from dawn to noon (or vice versa). Behind the scenes of one of them, The Morning Show, there is a scandal. Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is accused of sexual harassment and is immediately released from the role of leader.

That day, his co-host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston, returning to the small screen after years) will sit at the program table alone, who will be informed of the whole event only in the morning. However, she is not aware that even before all this the station's authorities were looking for a deputy just for her. At the same time, we meet the reporter Bradley Jackson (Reese Whiterspoon), who, despite many years of experience, did not manage to go too far and still reports events from the area, despite the predisposition to perform a more important function. Both ladies are struggling with many problems in private life, which in Alex's case can not be seen at first glance, and in the case of Bradley her unrestrained anger will contribute to emerging in the media in a way she did not plan to gain popularity at all.

Paradoxically, the plot of the series is not very confusing and if you were expecting (like me) monologues and dialogues that Aaron Sorkin got used to in The Newsroomthen you will be a little disappointed. There is no shortage of pathos, loud speeches and beautiful shots, but in too many scenes there is no notice any spark or flash that could engage us even more in the screening. The topic discussed is very important and it is clear that the #MeToo movement was one of the foundations of the scenario, which was followed by subsequent elements and characters, but I still feel that this potential has not been fully utilized. Over three episodes, only one scene occurs (with the accused Mitch Kessler and his friend who has more behind his ears) deepening the whole case. Much more often we watch the struggles of Alex and Bradley with everyday problems and challenges in the industry, which is captivating in its own way, but only to a certain extent.

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If I were to compare again The Morning Show down The Newsroom, I would definitely do it to indicate how much I miss in this first any backstage games related to how it works and the morning TV program is created. In addition to scenes reminding us to wake up at a murderous time, because 3:30 in the morning and a few shots in the studio, The Morning Show he doesn't pay much attention to these aspects. Maybe it happens by the accumulation of characters and threads related to each of them, but the balance should be much better.

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It is impossible to ignore the implementation issues of the Apple series, where I will not find any flaws. The cast on the set is dazzling (although Carell doesn't appear as often as we expected), and the brightest element is definitely Billy Crudup, who plays the new head of news department Cory Ellison, because of his inscrutable intentions and certain mystery. Aniston is out of shape and can reliably show sadness, fear, fear and despair, but she does not do it in an extraordinary way. I have the impression that there will be time for Whiterspoon's real show. The Morning Show it is well shot, and the soundtrack and songs used in the series fit in perfectly.

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Let me remind you that this text is an impression after the screening of only three out of ten episodes The Morning Showso this story is just starting to get blush. This is shown in the third episode, where the action gains a bit of pace, mainly thanks to the joint scenes of Aniston with Whiterspoon. Therefore, may there be as many as possible.

* The amount of 300 million dollars refers to the budget of 2 seasons The Morning Show.

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