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Microsoft announced the name of the forthcoming release of Windows 10. From now on, the 1903 version is officially the May update. It will go to the testers next week, but it will be more widely available in May, at the end of the month.

This may be quite a surprise for those who expected the spring system update in March, and at most in the first weeks of April. Postponement of the new edition makes sense – Microsoft implements new rules for issuing updates, which should please those who have been facing the problems of Windows 10 at the stage of installing new versions of the system.

After the troublesome October update, the manufacturer realized last year that in the way of testing and sharing new releases you have to change something. It turns out that the May update is a great opportunity for this, and the details are described on the Windows blog.

More testing.

To improve the user experience and not to expose them to problems, which was not uncommon in the case of current updates, Microsoft is changing the schedule for the release of new releases of Windows 10. From now much more time will be devoted to testing.

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The ready version of the May update in the hands of the Insiders next week, and the others will be able to install it (and will not be forced to do so) the fastest at the end of May. By the way, “Microsoft” confirms the implementation of the possibility of deferring the update for 35 days, regardless of the system version.

The manufacturer also changes the approach to the tests themselves. Extending the time of this stage is just one of the elements. Microsoft also informs about the planned close cooperation with partners who will keep you informed about any failures.

System user and update control

To the delight of most people, along with the May update, the system will have more transparent rules for the management of updates. First, the Check for updates button available under Windows Update will now be associated only with security updates and its pressing will result in only finding and installing them.

The new section will be devoted to feature updates, the large editions of Windows 10 known as the May or October update. This will be clear information along with a button that allows you to start downloading the new version.

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Added to this is the possibility of postponing updates for over a month, but not only. New are the smart hours of activity, which (in contrast to the still available manual mode), will be able to set the system itself, based on the way the user uses the computer. Among other things, in this way, Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 attempt to update at convenient times when the user is not sitting at the computer and does not perform important tasks.

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