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A French security expert, Elliot Alderson, broke into the government communicator the day after communicator was officially launched and reviewed what officials were discussing. The gap was repaired very quickly.

On April 17, the French government launched its own messenger called Tchap. The application is based on the open source Matrix protocol, which ensures full encryption from the recipient to the recipient. Thanks to this (as it turned out – purely theoretically), the French authorities are sure that no one will overhear, often confidential, online conversations between employees of the ministries. It turned out, however, that the module used in Python used was a bug that allowed account registration in principle to all willing.

Alderson, thanks to a loophole, registered in the official application used by French officials, and then began to browse the boards and groups. It turned out, among others, that the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture created, among others, “Yellow room”, which – as the name suggests – was intended only for people who love yellow.

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The hacker hacked the French government, who responded very efficiently, by phone. Already two hours later, the people responsible for the project (nomen omen) Matrix closed the gap and described the whole issue on their website.

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