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In addition to the risk that the TV manufacturer or application developers can listen and watch you, the device can also be a gateway for hackers. Cyber ​​criminals may not be able to access your locked computer directly, but it is possible that an unsecured TV may provide it with easy access to your router

– warns FBI from Oregon. He also mentions sticking the camcorder with black tape (just like in computers), checking if the device manufacturer is trustworthy and taking care of regular software updates, reviewing privacy settings and checking data that goes to the TV producer and administrator of the services we use.

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As subsequent variants of televisions have more and more technological varieties packed (microphones allowing to give commands to voice assistants, cameras allowing to arrange videoconferences directly from the device level), they are becoming a more and more tasty morsel for hackers and people who want to access our data. Anyway – one of the biggest exploits we've heard about in the last few years have been … CIA.

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