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Detective – 3rd season

The first season of this series set the bar very high not only for the next series, but for the entire genre. The expectations for the second season were huge and not everyone liked it. After a long break, HBO returned to Detective and Mahershal Ali served us a splendid third season. The story spread over eight episodes draws you and does not allow you to leave the screen until the very end.

Detective Review – Season 3

Barry – 2nd season

The "Barry" series has not received deserved attention in our country, but it definitely deserves it. A black comedy about a former paid assassin who is trying to break with previous occupation and start a new stage in life falls out great, although I know it's not humor for everyone.

Eve obsession – season 2

A loose adaptation of a series of stories by Luke Jennigs "Villanelle" turned into a really good series. Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, who play respectively Eve Polastri and Villanelle, or Oksana Astankova. The first is an MI5 agent who is obsessed with serial killer Villanelle. During a continuous pursuit they create an unusual relationship … The third season is likely to return in April 2020.

Game of Thrones – Season 8

Regardless of how you view the grand finale, the 8th season of "Game of Thrones" is the end of one of the most important TV series, so if you are disappointed, consider his presence here as a nod to everything he has done over the years. HBO ending this series has announced another, which will take place in the world created by George R. R. Martin.


A huge surprise, if not the biggest this year. The closed mini-series is only a few episodes, but the history of the Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath are deliciously erected 5 episodes during which it is difficult to get bored. Excellent acting, a phenomenal soundtrack by Hildur Guðnadóttir and a climate that can be envied by more than one series – all this makes it difficult to compete with "Chernobyl" for the title of the best series of the year.

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Pre-premiere review of the "Chernobyl" series

Paragraph 22

George Clooney, Kyle Chandler and Christopher Abbott are three key characters in "Paragraph 22". The last one simulates mental illness to avoid being sent to the front of World War II. He tries to get to the hospital, fearing for his life that he would lose in a fight. This is another mini-series available on HBO Go, but this time there is Hulu service behind it.

A big lie – season 2

It seemed that after the finals of the first series of the heroines of "Big Lies" will not return. The story was closed because the whole was based on the book. However, the production turned out to be such a big hit that "Big Little Lies" not only returned, but the main cast was expanded to include the excellent Meryl Streep. I guess no one expected the series to come back in this form.

Review A big lie – season 2


I am convinced that if you did not watch this series, just like me, you heard about it from more than one mouth and read about it in more than one text. Sam Levinson's series is this year's premiere from HBO touching unique topics telling the story of a drug addicted girl who meets a new transsexual teenager who has arrived in the city.

Review of the 1st season of "Euphoria"

Out loud

Russel Crowe's performance on a small screen production is a unique event, as is the show he starred in. The actor plays the role of Roger Ailes, the creator and longtime head of the FOX News station, which became famous for supporting republican views. The series shows the backstage of the creation of the station and key moments of Ailes' life, including his collaboration with major US politicians and the sexual harassment scandals he was accused of, which led to his downfall.

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Our review "For the whole voice"

Succession – 2nd season

One of the HBO series that have a group of loyal fans who have not managed to gain greater popularity. "Succession" is, however, my discovery this year and I will confidently recommend this production to the supporters of good (over talked) dramas. Diverse characters, intriguing storylines and re-la-cy-on soundtracks are some of the many assets of the HBO series.


Series based on comics have been created quite a lot recently, that's why the announcements of the producer of "Watchmen", Daniel Lindelof, did not reach everyone. The classic story told in a modern way turned out to be a hit, and the production is full of successful references to key aspects of the comic. However, they were not afraid to follow their own path, so the series is also a novelty for comic readers.

Watchmen – review. You will not miss Game of Thrones

Dark matter

The fantasy series category has another solid production from HBO. "Dark matter", based on a series of books by Philip Pullman, had a very successful start, which only confirms that HBO in films and adaptations of such books feels just great.

Dark matter – 1st episode review

Wataha – 3rd season

Return to the Bieszczady turned out to be very successful not only after a long break between the 1st and 2nd season, but also a moment to catch your breath between the great 2nd season and the ongoing 3rd series. Wiktor Rebrow does not quite feel at home while still working for the border guards, so he chooses his own paths trying to solve matters by himself and without endangering anyone. Despite this, prosecutor Iga Dobosz will prove to be the only real chance for him to help in the capture of dangerous criminals and smugglers.

Wataha 3rd season – review. The whole world should know the Polish series

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