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A pretty good year on the gaming market is behind us, and the next 12 months promises to be extremely intriguing, although for another reason. Because it is not games that will be in the foreground, but completely new consoles that are slowly revealing their secrets to us. Microsoft has already presented the appearance of the new Xbox X Series, while Sony is to do it soon at CES 2020. You will definitely read about it on Antyweb, but today we encourage you to do something different.

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The best games in 2019 and the new generation of consoles

Today's episode of Antyweb After Hours, the first in 2020, was dedicated to the summary of the previous year and we remember the best games from 2019. In addition, we discuss new consoles and debate which one will be the better choice. As in every podcast, we sometimes deviate from the subject, but we remain in the theme of entertainment and culture, because after all overtime not only to play but also to watch. This time you will hear Konrad Kozłowski (it's me!) And Paweł Winiarski. Enjoy listening!

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