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I have 23 years for a month. I dare say that I am rather young than old. It seems, however, that I'm not a kid anymore and will never be. Colliding with this fact always hurts. When I stop understanding what's happening on the Internet, I feel it's time to die. All right, I dramatize a little bit. Looking at embracing my peers, I can quite give advice. I associate many top youtubers, I can easily distinguish the alternative from the autumn and I know that anyone over 11 years old eluwina in the mouth just doesn't fit. I know what five are, although sometimes I get lost in what I dealt with. I'm not happy with Fortnite. And this should be the first sign that he is getting older. Nothing kills me like TikTok.

Too old for TikToka, too young for Facebook

You know these applications, even if you haven't seen her before her eyes. This is a freak on which you can insert short videos without much purpose. People pretend to sing, make jokes and set trends. Taki Vine, but less memical and creative. And yet more powerful! I had TikToka on the phone for one day and I softened. Watching the content that was posted there seemed so unattractive to me that I am surprised myself. I was terrified when getting to some option was not obvious and intuitive. Terrified, I uninstalled the app and went back to scrolling Facebook like an old man. Following the industry news, it was difficult for me to miss this TikTok. As the end of the year, more and more numbers appear, rankings are more clickable. This is just scary. There is life going on there, there is a crazy world! What am I doing at a desktop computer (sic!) ?! Give me a call quickly!

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Ok ok. I'll be serious for a moment. I will start with even more serious profiles. Of course, TikTok is primarily TikTokers. Kids earn so much that the head is small. Their popularity is growing rapidly, let it not fall just as quickly. However, not only cool teens are sitting there. There are many brand profiles on TikToku. Brandy and mature people who have finally wiped out their earnings and are packing there now with their boots will lead to the fall of this app. I don't think, of course, that Facebook or Instagram is dying, but it is because of the adults that children run away from here and they ran away very quickly from Snapchat. Adults always spoil fun, no? Brands that celebrate triumph on TikToku are not just that. They are far from anonymous companies, because probably everyone knows what NBA, Nickelodeon, RedBull or NFL are. The largest profiles (brand and private) have tens of millions of followers and hundreds of millions of hearts. We can also be proud of ours! Dear compatriots, they are doing great. The most popular have several million fans. This is just something, right? And I dare say that preparing material for TikToka takes a lot of them a tad less time than one video for the average youtuber.

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Big marketing campaigns are created on TikToku, tiktokers appear in films and make great careers. It's their gadgets that kids want under the Christmas tree, because they are their great idols. Very often, to be famous on TikToku it is enough to have the right appearance and a minimum of charisma. If you think that ugly people have a harder life, you have not tried to make a career in this app. It may not be fair, but that's how it is in life.

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How do you do, fellow kids?

I can see this phenomenon with my own eyes, you can't pretend it isn't there. Some may worry that all this is in China's hands. Others will probably complain that it used to be, and now it's gone. But my dear, there has always been idiotic entertainment. This is just another of them, which will soon disappear, because current users will grow out of it, and for the young it will be the colostrum to log in there. TikTok creates trends and it is worth being up to date with this app to know what these young people are about now. There is money, there are stars. We adults can only sadly nod and patiently explain that life is more than a pretty face and sending smiles into the lens with Drake in the background. We will not stop this force, it must extinguish itself. We should definitely appreciate her. We can try to comprehend it, but it won't be easy. Or maybe it should be my New Year's resolution? A month with TikTok to rejuvenate and finally be on top? Oh, it won't be easy.

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