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Operators are modernizing their transmitters, this is clearly seen in the research on the speed and quality of mobile networks. At the same time, these are not jumping data such that in one month we have 27 Mb / s, in the next 26 Mb / s, and in the next one again 27 Mb / s. Our telecoms are constantly recording growth, which clearly shows that they are not resting on their laurels in anticipation of the implementation of the new 5G technology.

There are more and more new users of mobile internet, so it is necessary to increase network capacity by adding new technologies on transmitters (256 QAM modulation and 4 × 4 MIMO) or aggregation of owned bands. Apparently they are doing well, because in April this year Play had the fastest internet from our telecoms with a result of 25.11 Mb / s, and in June T-Mobile chased them away with a result of 25.71 Mb / s. Orange, on the other hand, was won by August, slightly exceeding 27 Mb / s, and as it goes on 2019 we will close with an average download speed of 30 Mb / s.

Rfbenchmark – June 2019Downloaded data speedThe speed of sending dataping
T-Mobile26.67 Mbps11.78 Mbps38.23 ms
Orange26.44 Mbps12.22 Mbps35.31 ms
Play25.05 Mbps11.56 Mbps40.7 ms
Plus21.48 Mbps12.37 Mbps43.99 ms
Rfbenchmark – August 2019Downloaded data speedThe speed of sending dataping
Orange27.24 Mbps13.39 Mbps38.68 ms
T-Mobile27.12 Mbps12.65 Mbps35.86 ms
Play26.20 Mbps12.29 Mbps39.81 ms
Plus22.32 Mbps12.58 Mbps47.41 ms

How was September? We are already reaching the average speed of downloaded data at the level of 28 Mb / s. The September RFBENCHMARK ranking was prepared on the basis of 174143 tests, a record number of tests carried out in a month. The overwhelming number of these tests were carried out in 4G range – 89.15%, on 3G fell 10.75%, and on 2G 0.1%. Most tests were performed on Play operator transmitters – 37.59%, then we have Orange – 28.63%, Plus – 19.79% and T-Mobile – 14.26%.

The September ranking is won by T-Mobile at an average speed with downloaded data of 27.75 Mb / s. Slightly slower was the range of Orange, which ranks second with 27.64 Mb / s, the third Play slightly weaker, 25.88 Mb / s, and finally with Plus with 22.84 Mb / s. Interesting thing with this Plus, because in the rankings this operator does not exceed 20 Mb / s, but in that ranking there are definitely more tests, so it is completely different.

For the data sent, Orange turned out to be the fastest – 13.52 Mb / s, T-Mobile in second place with the result of 12.87 Mb / s, Plus closes the podium – 12.75 Mb / s, and the slowest Play – 12.15 Mb s. Ping, in turn, was the lowest in T-Mobile – 36.41 ms, then we have Plus with the result of 45 ms, Orange – 45.93 ms and with the highest Play value – 47.1 ms.


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