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Record revenues and profit again

When in the second half of 2018 Elon Musk claimed that he would like to remove Tesle from the stock exchange and even has money to do it at a price of USD 420 per share, then most analysts were banging their heads. In the end, nothing happened, and he himself had to explain himself densely to the American supervision of stock exchanges, who accused him of manipulating the stock price. However, a lot has changed since then. At the worst point in the middle of last year, the Tesla share price fell below USD 200. This coincided with the results for the second quarter, in which the company recorded a huge loss. However, investors who bought the shares of an electric car manufacturer at the time can expect profit today. Yesterday the company closed at the level of 581 USD per share, and after the publication of results in the property listings the price jumped to almost 650 USD. Tesla is currently the second most valuable automotive concern in the world after Toyota (which is valued at USD 230 billion). has already earned PLN 6 million this year. This is a renaissance of piracy from the Ten Years Stadium

The last quarter of 2019 was very good, revenues exceeded USD 7.38 billion and a "symbolic" profit of USD 132 million was recorded. This is the fourth profitable quarter out of the last six, and although Tesla still closed USD 775 million below the full year, it is clear that it is moving towards a better one. Revenues for the entire 2019 exceeded USD 24.5 billion, and this was possible due to record car sales, mainly due to Model 3, which in the last year has found almost exactly 300,000 buyers. Tesla also has the smallest inventory in history (it would be enough for 11 days of sales) and still enjoys great interest of customers.

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