On Facebook, the artist is appreciated only after his death. Sad picture of website users

Marie Fredriksson from Roxette is dead Such sad information spread all over the world yesterday. The singer of the once popular Swedish duo Roxette after 17 years lost the fight against brain cancer. It is logical that services of all kinds tried to write about this matter as soon as possible, after all, nobody wants

Ready for an interactive adventure on Tinder? The website is preparing something like a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Swipe Night, because that is the name of the idea, was available only in the USA so far, where it enjoyed quite a lot of popularity – at least according to Match, the company responsible for the dating site Tinder. Apparently, millions of service users have decided to watch the next episodes. Therefore, Match intends

Revenge of the Rabbit, or how the talked entrepreneurs closed the website najgorszapraca.pl

Bunny is the nickname of the entrepreneur who said enough. After defamatory opinions appeared on it, after he paid and disappeared for a moment and after losing customers because of those opinions, he started to act. It worked so effectively that not only identified the owners of the site, but in cooperation with the agency