Such Bing will never be a competitor to Google. And forcing users to use the platform, MS only pushes them away

If you ever tried to switch Google to Bing then you probably know that this is not such a simple matter. But I have the impression that Microsoft does not fully understand its errors and problems through which users choose a competitor's product. Google is the king of search engines – well, at least in

the function was to protect users, in practice it was the opposite

See also: Cheap smartphone from Apple already in March? Even Xiaomi may be afraid of this device The errors in question relate to a function that (ironically) protects users against modern advertising technologies that track users. A feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention was introduced in 2017 and has since allegedly been helping users avoid tracking.

Smartphone users spent millions of dollars on games and applications during the holiday season

Joking and complaining about the mobile market is endless: that games are shells and pulling out money. Applications … what applications? No one serious pays for content, since you can have everything for free with ads – or even without ads, if you decide on one of the dozens of alternatives waiting in mobile stores.

Firefox will give users "the ultimate weapon". Everything for data protection

The legal act gives the users much more rights to manage their data, its range is limited to the state of California in the USA. However, thanks to its introduction, all Firefox users will benefit from the ability to literally delete all the data that the browser and the manufacturer itself collected about them. And