Sylwester Marzeń – unfavorable TVP media without event accreditation

As reported by, there is no official explanation regarding the lack of accreditation for these media, but you do not need to be particularly knowledgeable in the environment to conclude that this is an earlier criticism of "Sylwester Marzeń." Gazeta Wyborcza is also considered by TVP as an extremely hostile, "leftist" medium (the etymology

TVP and Polish Radio will receive almost 2 billion compensation

According to MPs' calculations, public media lost PLN 1.02 billion due to the fact that 3.77 million Poles are exempt from paying the subscription. According to KRRiT, Natomaist has not registered 7.97 million people, of which 4.58 million are exempt from RTV subscription. The annual defect was finally estimated at PLN 1.22 billion. Last year,