Żabka just challenged me, i.e. welcome to the times when even shopping is cool, sexy and trendy

The rules of the challenge are simple. I have to buy any five Impression juices to get an extra 200 Żapps. An amazing thing. I have bought the juice of this brand so far before installing the application, so unfortunately I conclude that the challenge is not somehow perfectly personalized. It's a pity. Still, I'm

This is called an opportunity for life. 9 times lower price for more functions

Second screen, actually a second device We rarely describe projects from crowdfunding portals, but sporadically you can find real gems on them. Now it's time for an interesting solution that is very timely. Folded smartphones have become a hot topic and in total larger manufacturers are already testing their proposals. On sale in Poland we

Polish Apple website in action! They replaced the iPhone 4 times with a new one and this one still doesn't work

The author of the text is Maciek Wodecki, who described in this material his own adventure with Apple and the company's website in Poland. And – a handful of (full) facts This is the story of one iPhone X 256GB, which under one warranty visited the site 6 times, was replaced 4 times with "new,