Ransomware is even more dangerous. That's how companies are forced to pay

Companies do not pay because certain procedures regarding ransomware attacks have established themselves in the environment. Most often it is recommended not to pay criminals – because we never have the guarantee that our data will be "released" and decrypted. That is why it most often uses … backups that perfectly protect against ransomware. You

The most ethical company is? Microsoft. That's what Americans think

However, the Americans have spoken and in a survey, Microsoft beat 921 competitors from 51 other countries. Companies were evaluated in terms of their approach to employees, clients, the community, the environment and shareholders. This choice may surprise you, but remember that Americans have a slightly different point of reference. In American society, Google is

The best camera on a smartphone means over 100 megapixels. That's what Samsung thinks

New fashion in mobile phones The resolution of cameras in mobile devices is constantly increasing. This is not surprising, because in this way you can very easily distinguish a new model, and at the same time it does not require much higher production costs. It is enough to mention here that we can now find