How does the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System work at Polish universities?

How does the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System work? The topic of similarities between various diploma theses has existed for many years. It is not a big secret that copying of someone else's works or unlawful use of fragments of other works was often carried out, but detecting possible similarities has been extremely difficult so far. At

Bower & Wilkins Formation – the best sound in a wireless audio system

The way you listen to music has changed completely over recent years, which is why wireless audio systems are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the universality of streaming services, but not only, because even with other multimedia sources, such as compacts or vinyl records, we also want to use it in a

New Audi Q7 2020: HD Matrix LED, Mild Hybrid and active roll stabilization system

The new Audi Q7 2020 is primarily a technical update. Design changes are rather small and mainly apply to headlights, front radiator grille (so-called singleframe) or e.g. a chrome strip connecting the rear lights. These changes meant that although the overall outline of the car did not change significantly, it is quite easy to distinguish