The headphone connector is still alive! This will surprise Moto G8 and G8 Power

Moto G8 in line with expectations Motorola is not one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers on the market, but you certainly can't deny them an interesting approach to mobile devices. Recently they have proved it by Moto Razr, an unusual folding phone, and even earlier by the entire Moto Z series, which supports attached

Crazy streaming numbers. Can you believe how many hours of streams were watched in 2019? I rub my eyes in surprise

Do you ever watch online streams of online celebrities or players? I, I admit without beating, have never tempted to such voyeurism, although – naturally – thanks to the benefits of the Internet I have seen a few live events online. They allow me to be up to date with technological or game conferences. But

Apple in 2020 will surprise us … iPhone 9? That would be the name of the company's most-anticipated smartphone

iPhone SE2 is probably one of the most anticipated smartphones in recent years. From Apple, with a screen smaller than the flagship and at a price that will not ruin the budget … well, at least not completely ruin it. For many months analysts, experts and having information from trusted sources they promise that the