Ah, this unspoken Microsoft. It was not supposed to support Windows 7, and it patched it anyway …

Users who use screen-filling or centered wallpapers are not affected. But all you have to do is try to "stretch" the picture that will function as a wallpaper and … you will see literally nothing. Instead of the image you choose, you'll see a black background. This is not a thing that prevents you from

Sony is taking PS5 backward compatibility seriously. The console will get special modes to support PS4 and PS4 Pro games

We wrote to you about PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility in April last year. The next information that comes to us about the console is primarily gossip and own investigations of global gaming and hardware services, which is why I'm waiting for official announcements from Sony myself – apparently some specific announcement is to appear in

Conscience control. Morawiecki "does not rule out" support for porn blockade

Association Your Case As the Your Case Association says on its pages, it is an entity dealing with the protection of children and young people against access to pornography, I will make use of the content that is available on the Association's website: First, we protect children and young people from uncontrolled and too easy