Smartphone and subscription smartwatches in Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile

We lead an increasingly active lifestyle, often the smartphone itself helps us with various applications that measure our activity, but more and more often guests on our smartwatch wrists. However, buying both devices at once can be an insurmountable problem, so let's check the cost of such a connection in subscriptions with our operators. I

Smartphone users spent millions of dollars on games and applications during the holiday season

Joking and complaining about the mobile market is endless: that games are shells and pulling out money. Applications … what applications? No one serious pays for content, since you can have everything for free with ads – or even without ads, if you decide on one of the dozens of alternatives waiting in mobile stores.

The first pedestrian crossing in Poland where you will not fall under the car while staring at your smartphone

Warszawski Ursynów, and basically Al. KEN is the first street in Poland where the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing received an additional projector. For what? To alert people staring at the smartphone screen. Like a trifle, but at first glance it seems a very nice idea. The projector has been attached under the siren