"Russian Google" will give you shopping home. Free, in a quarter of an hour

In Poland, we are not able to feel it, because Yandex is not a well-known company in our country. But do you know that Yandex already provides services in Russia such as: delivering food to your home, providing transport services through modern client channels and many, many more. In total sales, Yandex can boast sales

Braun on Black Friday – Buy one of their equipment and you will get up to PLN 300 for shopping at Decathlon and Douglas

Braun trimmers, shavers and hair trimmers have repeatedly appeared in Antyweb. This is a very well-functioning, solid device that was appreciated by both the "bearded" and the smooth shaving part of the editorial staff. Braun is starting the second edition of the campaign, in which a nice bonus awaits you if you decide to buy

Żabka just challenged me, i.e. welcome to the times when even shopping is cool, sexy and trendy

The rules of the challenge are simple. I have to buy any five Impression juices to get an extra 200 Żapps. An amazing thing. I have bought the juice of this brand so far before installing the application, so unfortunately I conclude that the challenge is not somehow perfectly personalized. It's a pity. Still, I'm