Peace, security and modern technologies … a recipe for the perfect vacation

Sports camps, courses, holidays in warm countries, maybe regeneration and fun at home? All ways are good to rest fully. Just! Fully – how? Yes, to free your head from intrusive questions, including whether our children and the flat are completely safe. Regardless of where and how we plan to relax during the holidays, it

Are you a security freak? Here is your new calendar – check it out!

ProtonMail announced that the public beta of ProtonCalendar has just started – a sister service for ProtonMail that provides access to a perfectly protected, encrypted calendar. Importantly, not only the events themselves are encrypted, but also their titles, participants, descriptions, locations and so on. This in turn means that ProtonMail makes this data invisible to

Behavioral verification – a higher degree of security when using banking

Undoubtedly, behavioral verification is a big step forward, because it eliminates the most common problem of broken security, and therefore human error. Cybercriminals may use various social engineering techniques to force victims to provide them with login details, verification SMSes or push notifications, but they will never be able to use the bank's transactional service

The Mint of Poland has obtained the highest card transaction security certificate

Payment by card for the journey without printing the ticket is made in such a way that the ticket is saved as a token in the Central System, and during the check, the ticket inspector receives information from the Central System about whether and what ticket was bought using a given payment card. Just like