Smartphone users spent millions of dollars on games and applications during the holiday season

Joking and complaining about the mobile market is endless: that games are shells and pulling out money. Applications … what applications? No one serious pays for content, since you can have everything for free with ads – or even without ads, if you decide on one of the dozens of alternatives waiting in mobile stores.

Lost in space – a review of the second season of the Netflix series

The earthly disaster meant that people must flee from their own planet. To this end, a special "new opportunity" program was prepared, consisting in colonizing a new, viable planet. One of the groups selected for this purpose is the close-knit Robinson family, headed by a mother-an outstanding scientist and an experienced military father. However, as

What is the 3rd season? Interview with Leszek Lichota and Aleksandra Popławska

Interview with Leszek Lichota – Wiktor Rebrow from "Wataha" "Good people sometimes do bad things" we heard in the first season. Is this password current? What changed? What is Wiktor Rebrow in Season 3 and how was it played? This is much more complicated. In my opinion, in the new season, Rebrow would take this

Wataha season 3 – review. The whole world should get to know the Polish HBO series

Wiktor Rebrow (Leszek Lichota) returns to border guard service. This would not have happened had it not been for the secret, which is guarded together with prosecutor Iga Dobosz (Aleksandra Popławska). Halman's death was presented to law enforcement agencies and the media in a completely different way, but thanks to these two heroes could move