"Average" Samsung results. "Not great, not terrible"

First of all, Samsung points to the so-called "Fading effect", which allegedly accompanies every product that is released on the market. Interest in, for example, another flagship significantly diminishes in the following quarters and this is until the next big premiere. However, it is worth knowing that Samsung's mobile business is doing really well and

Factories are closing in China; Foxconn and Samsung

Foxconn and Samsung forced to close factories According to various sources, the Chinese government is closing factories at major manufacturing centers as part of the fight against the spreading coronavirus. We are talking about, among others, Foxconna factories in Suzhou, a city neighboring Shanghai or Samsung located in the same area. Analysts predict that the

Samsung provides a list of TV sets that are compatible with the new television standard in Poland DVB-T2

We informed you about plans to replace the DVB-T digital terrestrial broadcasting standard by DVB-T2 at the beginning of July 2019. It is already known today that this will take place until June 30, 2022. So we have two and a half years, so you should keep this in mind when buying new TVs. In