Review of 1917. Spooky, overwhelming and moving nightmare of World War I.

World War I rarely becomes the backdrop for film stories. It is hardly surprising. Focused on the trenches, the battles were not as spectacular as the Blitzkrieg, aerial clashes over England, or US operations in the Pacific. 1917 from the very beginning, therefore, gains on uniqueness as one of the few productions that tried to

Review of Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s. Test, opinion, user experience

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s is a proposal that looks great on paper. Durable construction and relatively low price. However, is it satisfactory in practice? Technical specifications Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s 5-inch PLS TFT LCD screen with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) in 16: 9 format, Samsung Exynos 7884B chip: 2 x ARM Cortex A73