"Average" Samsung results. "Not great, not terrible"

First of all, Samsung points to the so-called "Fading effect", which allegedly accompanies every product that is released on the market. Interest in, for example, another flagship significantly diminishes in the following quarters and this is until the next big premiere. However, it is worth knowing that Samsung's mobile business is doing really well and

Microsoft is growing like steroids. Such results can be envied

The Productivity and Business Processes department grew primarily thanks to the Office 365 and LinkedIn services. Commercial products and services around the Office increased by 16%. Revenues from office 365 Commercial services have already increased by 21 percent year-on-year. LinkedIn generated 24 percent of profits while the number of sessions in the period under consideration

Tesla is reporting great results, the stock price is soaring, and next year is expected to be better

Record revenues and profit again When in the second half of 2018 Elon Musk claimed that he would like to remove Tesle from the stock exchange and even has money to do it at a price of USD 420 per share, then most analysts were banging their heads. In the end, nothing happened, and he

The annual TikTok results are impressive. Young people set trends that old men will not understand

I have 23 years for a month. I dare say that I am rather young than old. It seems, however, that I'm not a kid anymore and will never be. Colliding with this fact always hurts. When I stop understanding what's happening on the Internet, I feel it's time to die. All right, I dramatize

How does Google manipulate search results? The scale is huge

Moreover, WSJ reached a former Google employee working on the algorithm, who admitted that the search engine is constantly facing "special exceptions" in which certain rules are implemented to neutralize them. Actually, this was done on the occasion of a very vivid statement: There’s this idea that the search algorithm is all neutral and goes