I connect the TV to the Internet first – I have the largest selection and the best quality here

This list of applications for smart TV is impressive today, not the channel package Entering the VOD era required profound changes in the operation of televisions. These are not TV channels, but applications now play a key role and you can even get the impression that access to other content sources, such as decoders or

Bank Pocztowy's clients with a new quality of using the bank's services

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine using the services of banks without access to the mobile application (some bank customers in Poland in the number of about 5 million are already mobile only) or modern online banking. Unfortunately, some customers of Bank Pocztowy have had to deal with this problem so far. Robert Kuraszkiewicz, President

The results of the study of the quality and speed of mobile networks. August 2019

The RFBENCHMARK ranking for August was prepared on the basis of record 142994 tests (the previous ranking was based on 129407 tests) of users of their applications for checking the quality and speed of our operators' mobile networks. 86.67% of all tests were carried out in the 4G LTE technology range – 124216 tests, 3G