Sony WF-1000XM3 for around 831 PLN. Fully wireless headphones in the promotion

On the German Amazon you will buy Sony WF-1000XM3 for 195.35 € (approx. 831 PLN) including VAT and shipping to Poland. These are fully wireless in-ear headphones with a noise reduction system equipped with a QN1e HD processor as well as two microphones on the surface of the headphones that capture more sounds from the

Corsair Nightsword RGB for PLN 279 Mouse for players in the promotion

You can buy Corsair Nightsword RGB for PLN 279 today at This is a gaming mouse with, among others, an optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 18000 DPI, the ability to adjust its weight with additional weights. It is equipped with 10 programmable buttons, RGB backlight and a center of gravity detection system

Xiaomi announces Christmas promotion. This time online, not Mi Store

As one would expect: giant discounts have attracted many interested parties and despite many efforts: the situation is out of control. The company has prepared over 1,600 products at reduced prices, but due to the Dante's scenes that took place just after (earlier) opening, it was decided to close the store that day. No more

Christmas promotion for Alior Bank customers for the purchase of Apple equipment

It is different, however, if we deal with 0% installments, which can be spread over several months, because the amounts of installments are no longer as perceptible as a one-time purchase of equipment, and at the end of the period for which we draw such installments, in total, we repay the total value not much